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“This Manifesto is not merely a political document.  It is also a philosophical document, a brief but pithy inquiry into the true sources of human happiness…This Manifesto offers [young people] a counter-vision: that we are made to be conjugal and connected beings, whose lives are made whole and satisfying…by a lifetime of love and self-giving and mutuality and duty….It is only within the family’s dense web of duties and obligations that our achievements can matter, and our freedom be authentic.  May this Manifesto help us recover that insight.”

~ Wilfred McClay, Ph.D., Professor of History and the Sun Trust Bank Chair Of Excellence in the Humanities at The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga


“In picturesque language, Carlson and Mero describe the joys, sorrows, and challenges the young family will face…Carlson and Mero are true conservatives….The Manifesto these authors have offered in defense of the natural family demands the attention of all those who would defend civilizations most basic institution.  This important document has emerged at just the right time.”

~ R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Ph.D., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY


“Carlson and Mero have provided a philosophical playbook suggesting thoughts and words to help us meet the opposition with the best ammunition, which is our beliefs served straight-up and expressed in a positive, unapologetic manner.”

~ Paul M. Weyrich, Chairman and CEO of The Free Congress Foundation


“This family Manifesto is nothing short of a blueprint for western survival.  The durability of our culture and of its peace and prosperity will never be seriously jeopardized by outside threats.  The only real perils our future faces are the forces eroding the foundations of marriage and family.  The safety of our women, the security of our children, and the sturdiness of our civic institutions all depend on sculpting the raw rock of masculine aggressiveness and sexuality into the work of art we call marriage. Prudent people protect it.  The family Manifesto is not only a blueprint for survival, it is a bugle call.”

~ Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President, Toward Tradition


“Eagle Forum is happy to endorse and support the family Manifesto.  The breakdown of the traditional family in America is the principal cause of most of our social problems: school dropouts, crime, drugs, bankruptcy, out-of-wedlock births, and children growing up without their fathers in the home.  It's time that we address the cause of these problems -- the failure of millions of Americans to form and maintain faithfulness to the traditional family --instead of merely paying taxes to cover some of the heavy costs of the symptoms.  While there are many causes for the decline in respect for the traditional family, a great deal of the blame must be assigned to unwise and unjust government policies and appropriations.  I hope that this family Manifesto will start us on the path to constructive policies at every level of government.”

~ Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum


“The pro-family movement has long needed a work that provides a broad philosophical overview of the traditional family.  The Natural Family: A Manifesto fills that need admirably.  Beautifully written, cogently argued.”

~ Gary Bauer, President, American Values


“We have needed an unambiguous statement about the family that explains: family structure makes a difference; that the traditional family with a faithful, married mother and a father is essential to the well-being of women and men, as well as vital to the well-being of children.”  

~ Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. Senior Fellow, Concerned Women for America


“In every developed nation of the world, low birthrates are leading to rapid population aging and often to steep population loss.  On current trends, secular societies that don’t embrace the pro-natal, pro-family values championed by this Manifesto will fade away, while societies that learn how to restore the natural fertility of the natural family will inherit the Earth.”

~ Phillip Longman, Senior Fellow, New America Foundation; author, The Empty Cradle: How Falling Birthrate Threaten World Prosperity


The Natural Family: A Manifesto is brilliant—the most important manifesto of the last one hundred years.  Every person should read it, especially those in government and the mass media.  In clear, concise, winsome language, it argues the critical importance of the role of the family in society and what needs to be done to create a better world.  This manifesto is for the United States and the world.  I, for one, will do my best to send it to as many opinion leaders as possible and follow up with a conversation to help them understand its significance.”

~ Ted Baehr, President, Christian Film and Television Commission; Editor, Movieguide


“I am pleased to offer my full support to Dr. Allan Carlson and Paul Mero for their excellent work in creating The Natural Family: A Manifesto.  I have been privileged to work with Dr. Carlson in creating tax legislation to support parents who make the sacrifice to stay at home and raise their children, as well as to increase flexible employment opportunities such as telecommuting to help parents spend more time with their children.  The continued strength of our nation directly depends upon the strength of the natural family unit.  Mothers and fathers must be supported in raising children of courage and character, and I am proud of the work Dr. Carlson and Paul Mero have done to advance this most urgent and necessary of causes.” 

~ Congressman Lee R. Terry, Nebraska


“I wholeheartedly endorse the Natural Family: A Manifesto.  I agree with their commitment to defend our family systems against common foes who would attempt to undermine marriage, the traditional family and basic family values.”

~ Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder and Chancellor Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia


“A concise yet penetrating treatise that ties history with contemporary issues facing the natural family.  The Manifesto is at once a provocative social critique…a profound call to service…a prophetic vision of the Creator’s intention concerning society’s lowest common denominator—the natural family.  The authors present us with a commitment that is relevant and universal.  I will use it as a primer for congregational life in our movement and beyond.

~ John Kie Vining, D. Min., Director, Family Ministries Church of God


“This Manifesto provides a foundation and platform on which government, organizations and societies can build and fortify the most essential institutional structure of any society, the natural family.”

~ Steven E. Smoot, President, Family First Foundation


“This [family Manifesto] is great.”

~ Rick Warren, Author, The Purpose Driven Life” and Pastor, Saddleback Church


The Natural Family: A Manifesto is on the most significant and thought provoking contributions of our time.  Allan Carlson and Paul Mero tell the story of the natural family past, present and future while sharing most affirmations.  The Natural Family: A Manifesto is an historically significant piece of work and will help win the war for the pro-family movement.”

~ Robert Frazen, Robert Frazen’s One on One


The Natural Family: A Manifesto sets forth principles that at one time were so universally assumed that there was no need to state them.  Today as growing state power increasingly puts the family and state in confrontation with one another, it is urgent that these principles be reaffirmed.  The Natural Family is not a doctrinaire political agenda so much as an attempt to de-politicize the family and return it to its own integral sphere.  This is essential to preserving not only social order but also civic freedom and perhaps the civilized order itself.  Not only advocates for the family but all citizens who are concerned about their own families and about the increasing encroachment of the state and erosion of political freedom should rally around these principles.”

~ Stephen Baskerville, President, American Coalition for Fathers and Children


“The Natural Family: A Manifesto is not only the clearest, easy-to-read summary of the historical and contemporary plight of the family I have seen, it also presents a bold agenda for action.  It’s rare to find a document that genuinely excites the heart and engages the mind towards a vision for the family.  Well done!

~ Paul Russell, Vice-President, Australian Family Association South Australian Branch


Thank you for The Natural Family: A Manifesto.  This is a needed document that squarely puts forth issues and solutions.  I intend to order copies for my university students.  Thanks for leading the way in restoring health to society.

~ Dr. Kent Olney, Olivet Nazarene University


The manifesto is a concise and yet powerful statement of the past two centuries of assaults on the idea of the family as the foundation of every society.  As the family goes, so goes the society.  I endorse this manifesto whole-heartedly.

~ Dr. Andrew Foshee, McNeese State University


As a husband, father and grandfather, I heartily endorse your Manifesto on the natural family.  Furthermore, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe families to be divinely instituted for the nurture and protection of children and the improvement of men and women.  The Church’s 1995 document “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” clearly outlines our attitude toward the family.  As someone who has been concerned for many years about the disintegration of the natural family in western culture, I am heartened by the emergence of a movement spanning many faiths, cultures and nations whose aim it is to promote and strengthen the natural family.  Anti-family forces are reeling, mostly because they have no cohesive argument for their opposition to the natural family.  Let us not retreat now.  If our world and its cultures are to survive another century it will be because we have rediscovered the importance of the natural family.  Thank you for your tireless and courageous work on our behalf.

~ Mr. Devin Asay, Brigham Young University


The Citizens Under the New Testament feel that such a manifesto is necessary to insure that the rights of the family are protected for the future.

~ Dr. Jebediah Brown, Citizens Under the New Testament


The Family Council of Western Australia, a peak body of pro-family organizations in Western Australia, warmly endorses The Natural Family: A Manifesto.  The Manifesto sets out clearly and boldly the vision for the natural family that motivates us and so many like-minded pro-family groups around the world to fight in its defense and to work for its preservation and flourishing.

~ John Barich, Family Council of Western Australia


Marriage and family are a God-given privilege.  One that I have chosen and support.  My best growth as a woman has come from being married and raising my five sons along with a loving, caring, and selfless husband.  Our family circle has grown and become stronger as each son has married and reared children of his own.  Every joy shared adds more love to our fold.  We gather every month to teach the principles of kindness, love and service. Every crisis faced together makes our circle of family stronger.  We would endorse a manifesto of the Natural Family:  granted to us by our Creator.

~ Mrs. M. Jeanne Card, Oregon’s Mother of the Year 2000


I fully ascribe to the sentiments and activities espoused in the landmark document The Natural Family: A Manifesto.  Adherence to the precepts contained therein will undoubtedly lead to less immorality, fewer illegitimate births, stronger and happier families, stronger nations, and greater religiosity.  What sane and right-thinking human being would not want such a legacy for the children of this world?

~ Dr. Paul C. Hardin, Brigham Young University


I heartily endorse this very important work that advances the pro-family worldview for the 21st century and beyond.  The survival of society and our Christian culture begins with family reformation.  At a time when marriage and family foundations are being challenged by hostile attitudes toward God’s design for the family, this is an important addition in advancing the principles that make for a virtuous society.

~ Joseph Constable, New City, New York


Deeply appreciative of the American family in which I was raised and from whose enlightened concern came all the benefits that have enriched my life beyond measure.  I am grateful for the privilege of adding my name to this wise defense of traditional families.

~ Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, All Saints Orthodox Church


I endorse The Natural Family: A Manifesto.

~ John and Jane Covey, FranklinCovey Corporation


As the principal of Australia’s largest home schooling academy, the Australian Christian Academy, I wholly endorse the document The Natural Family: A Manifesto. To Allan and Paul:  Thank you for your scholarship, your leadership and your commitment to the natural family.  I believe that this document is the seminal statement necessary to lead the reformation of society and culture, globally, in the 21st century.

~ Terry Harding, Australian Christian Academy


The Natural Family: A Manifesto continues the outstanding work carried on by the Howard Center, which has emerged as the most informed, perceptive, and effective defender of authentic family values in the United States.

~ James Hitchcock, Professor of History, St. Louis University


It appears The Howard Center still is and may be the last best hope for the salvation of the natural family.  I applaud the thrust of this Manifesto and endorse it to the fullest extent I can.  I am more than pleased to be a part of this common endeavor.

~ Edward S. Sawtelle, Terre Haute, Indiana


A high-principled comprehensive manifesto of family is vital.  Our family concurs.  We so engage by rallying to the value – Trust.  Each maturing family member earns the Galvin Family Medal of Trust.

~ Robert W. Galvin, former President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Motorola Corporation


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